E-Saki The Purple Light Scalp Serum 120ml


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Product Description

Suitable for sensitive scalp.

Its highly effective and beneficial plant compound essence is extracted by using national patent cell blasting technology.

With E-saki’s special secret formula intermixing with beauty grade ingredients such as ceramide and hyaluronic acid, it builds and maintains a barrier to the skin lipids.

Moreover, with added cucumber extract, witch hazel leaf extract, ginseng root extract and other active ingredients, it soothes the scalp, relieves the skin discomfort and enhances scalp protection and health.


Use after bathing on the cleansed scalp. On the dry or towel-dried scalp, first apply one drop to the bai-hui, or acupoint at the crown. Next, apply from the hairline toward the crown radiating inward, and blend.


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